SBS has endured funding cuts and without regard to its Charter, attempts were made to increase commercial breaks in primetime to the level seen on commercial television. Save Our SBS successfully fought off such moves but the attacks are ongoing. The further commercialisation of SBS is not off the table and this threatens SBS Charter obligations. To defend the special purpose of SBS, we need funds. The success of our campaigns relies directly on donations from ordinary people like you. Help us to Save Our SBS. DONATE here.

Government asked to increase SBS funding tied to charter compliance by a reduction in commercial breaksGovernment asked to increase SBS funding tied to charter compliance by a reduction in commercial breaks

Save Our SBS has called on the federal government to hand back a significant portion of the funding to SBS that was cut from the national broadcasters under the previous prime minister. In May, the federal government will hand down funding details for SBS over the next three years. Save Our SBS President, Steve Aujard said, “In our pre-budget submission we outlined a series of options to Treasury that would assist SBS to better fulfil their Charter obligations.… »

Eclectic programming this year on SBSEclectic programming this year on SBS

There is excitement in the air at SBS for its 2016 program line up. SBS goes back to its Charter with multicultural diversity and a boost in local Australian productions at the forefront of its programming. In contrast one could have mistaken 2015 as being monocultural fixated on all things royal and British. But this year SBS will have 24 new Australian documentaries, including 10 Indigenous productions, two new Australian dramas and five new locally made food… »

MYEFO grants partial restoration in SBS fundingMYEFO grants partial restoration in SBS funding

The Turnbull government gave $4.1m to SBS today. This one-off Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook equates to the revenue SBS forecast it would have raised in the 2015-16 year if the parliament had not rejected the bill to double primetime advertising. SBS funding was effectively cut by the same amount last July. Communications Minister Senator Mitch Fifield was influential in this partial restoration of funds but the question is - will the full $53.7m of cuts announced under… »

SBS foodie channel soon to premiereSBS foodie channel soon to premiere

Foodies across Australia are counting down the days to Tuesday 17 November. That's when SBS will launch their new TV channel - the Food Network - a 24 hour, seven days a week food channel. It's an Australian first. The channel will broadcast nationally. Some of the imported programs will not be in English and SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said that SBS has a “proud reputation for delivering distinctive food programming that allows Australians to delve into… »

Senator Mitch Fifield: Communications & Arts MinisterSenator Mitch Fifield: Communications & Arts Minister

Liberal Senator for Victoria, Senator Mitch Fifield is the new Minister for Communications & the Arts.  He replaces former Communications Minister - now Prime Minister - Malcolm Turnbull, and Senator George Brandis who was Arts Minister; communications and arts have been merged into one portfolio. Before Tony Abbott lost the prime ministership last week in a vote of 54 votes to Turnbull and 44 to Abbott, Senator Fifield was the Assistant Minister for Social… »

Save Our SBS and supporters thank senators for saving SBS from itselfSave Our SBS and supporters thank senators for saving SBS from itself

The Parliament has rejected the Bill that would have increased primetime advertising on SBS. The majority by which the SBS advertising amendment Bill has been rejected in the Senate has rescued SBS from itself. Save Our SBS thanked the majority Senate view for rejecting the Bill to further commercialise SBS and in holding the line for SBS’ raison d’être: a multilingual and multicultural public broadcaster committed to serve audiences, particularly from non-English… »

62,000 sign petition opposing more ads on SBS62,000 sign petition opposing more ads on SBS

Today, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon received from Margaret Pomeranz (left) & Quentin Dempster (right) the Save Our SBS petition of 62,000 SBS viewers who do not want the law changed to double primetime advertising. The Bill, which allows product placement in SBS programs, would result in 14 minutes of commercial breaks per hour 6pm to midnight and in sport. Last Tuesday in the House of Representatives Minister Turnbull defended his Bill saying it was a recommendation… »

Why SBS should not be further commercialisedWhy SBS should not be further commercialised

by Margaret Pomeranz and Quentin Dempster Now is the time for all good Australians to stand up to fight for a sustainable public broadcasting system in our country, in particular SBS. There are forces at work out to further commercialise SBS through an amendment to the SBS Act and through the dishonouring or an election commitment not to cut funding to SBS (and the ABC). SBS is unique. It emerged in 1978 as an initiative of the Fraser Government because of the… »

Why more ads will be bad for SBSWhy more ads will be bad for SBS

Last December, Save Our SBS was invited to appear before a joint Party Senate Select Committee looking into the budget cuts imposed on SBS and the government's proposal to increase SBS advertising. Save Our SBS gave oral evidence having made a written submission to the Committee. Save Our SBS President, Steve Aujard addressed the Committee- Thank you for inviting Save Our SBS to this hearing. Save Our SBS has a dual purpose—advocating as a supporter and friend of… »

Ads to double in SBS primetimeAds to double in SBS primetime

Moves are afoot that could see advertising soon double in primetime programs on SBS but government taking the proceeds of the extra revenue from the increased ads as a payment in efficiency dividends. Effectively, the current cap of five minutes advertising per hour will increase to 10 minutes. But an increase in one hour will mean a decrease elsewhere. ‘Ad averaging’, as it is called, is a possible outcome of the Communications Department’s Efficiency Study into… »

New Codes defy SBS communityNew Codes defy SBS community

When SBS released their new Codes of Practice at the end of February, they ignored 90 percent of viewers by refusing to include SBS's definition of a natural break, the insertion of commercial breaks into TV programs. The Codes are supposed to outline the practices and principles the broadcaster follows in consideration of community concerns and the SBS Charter. Should the Codes be breached, a viewer may take a complaint to the regulator, the Australian Communications &… »

Précis of a study of 2044 viewers of SBS television on advertising, Charter, relevance and other mattersPrécis of a study of 2044 viewers of SBS television on advertising, Charter, relevance and other matters

Earlier this year, Save Our SBS undertook a study of 2044 viewers of SBS television. Those studied came from every State and Territory. More than a third were not born in Australia. The findings of the study form part of a detailed submission to the SBS Community Advisory Committee & the SBS Board. The full submission may be read in HTML or PDF format. Five recommendations are made. The study found that SBS had not been inclusive of a significant portion of its… »

Save Our SBS – friends of SBS – joins all supporters and every friend of SBS in celebrating SBS radio, television, digital and online services. We are a not-for-profit organisation and defend the original special purpose of SBS. We advocate greater public funding for SBS, value multilingual & multicultural high quality programs, treasure the diverse culturally rich service intended for SBS – without in-program commercial breaks.

When the 1991 Parliament incorporated the phrase “natural program breaks” into the SBS Act it intended the placement of advertising on SBS television would not disrupt programs, that SBS not present itself like a commercial broadcaster and that “natural program breaks” would be restricted to:-